Integrating Daikin Madoka (BRC1H) in openHAB

Daikin Madoka, also known as BRC1H, are new generation of home air-conditioning wired thermostat, that also allow control from mobile phone through Daikin “Madoka Assistant” application.

I got 3 Madoka thermostat installed in my new flat and having them connected to the rest of my Home Automation infrastructure was not optional!

Several options :

  • Buy a Daikin KNX gateway (3 necessary – one on each internal unit)
  • Develop a component that could take benefit of BRC1H/Madoka thermostats.

The KNX gateways are expensive (~300€ / unit), and not sure about their good integration/availability – could find very limited information on it – and as I’m still a geek with some technical skills, I decided to go with option #2 – develop a component interacting with Madoka thermostats!

The reverse engineering of the protocol used by the mobile app and the Madoka thermostat can be found on my github:

In a future article, I’ll detail the steps to setup a BLE Peripheral and BLE Central using Bleno and Noble (JS).

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